Apple accidentally revealed the time of holding the new iPhone launch event

Many people said they discovered on Apple’s official Youtube channel an event scheduled to be streamed on September 10 here. However, strangely, this event is named “Test” with an avatar of the WWDC 2002 event, which took place in June.

Apple later deleted this content on its Youtube channel, but the technology world quickly noticed this information. Compared to the timeline, it is likely that this is the event for Apple to introduce the iPhone 12 series.

The technology world said that it is possible that a technical employee is testing the event content that will be broadcast live on Apple’s Youtube channel, but accidentally set it up in public mode, so this content is accidentally is exposed.

Previously, it was reported that the launch event of Apple’s new iPhone series will be held as an online event to prevent the infection of Covid-19. Apple is now said to be pre-recording the content of the event with different scenarios, and then will edit and broadcast this content on its Youtube channel and official website as an online event, instead of direct program recording and execution.
However, the technology world is still skeptical about the date of September 10 to launch the new iPhone. Before that, Apple confirmed that the next-generation iPhone would have to be released later because of various reasons; while September 10 is also the time of the iPhone 11 series launch last year.

Does not exclude the possibility that September 10 is just the time for Apple to introduce its new iPhone series, while the product will be sold to the market later, or the event on September 10 is an opportunity to introduce products. other Apple products, instead of the new iPhone series, for example the Mac computer using the ARM chip designed by Apple or the new generation iPad …

Currently, Apple does not give any comment about the strange event that appeared on its Youtube channel.

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