Apple is about to launch a new AirPods headset with special features

Apple is said to be developing a new AirPods wireless headset model with previously unknown features.

According to DigiTimes, Apple is developing a headset with a light sensor. Taiwanese company ASE Technology is expected to provide this type of sensor.

The light sensor is mainly used on devices with screens to automatically adjust screen brightness depending on ambient light. AirPods are a wearable device, so they don’t have a light sensor. The possible scenario is that Apple is looking to replace the optical sensor used on AirPods with light sensors.

The optical sensor on the AirPods is used to detect whether the headset is in use or removed from the user’s ear, thereby controlling the appropriate music playback.

Rumors about the possibility that Apple will add health monitoring features to AirPods have appeared before, although it is unclear what ambient light sensor will help with this problem.

A rumor from 2019 said that AirPods 2 could integrate biometric sensors to monitor heart rate, although that has not been realized until now.

Recently, Macrumors said, the upcoming iPhone 12 may not come with the EarPods headset in the box. This is considered to be Apple’s new strategy to promote sales of AirPods wireless headphones.

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