Apple started selling refurbished iPhone XR for $ 499

Refurbished iPhone XR is about 16% lower than the new one, which is equivalent to a decrease of $ 100 – $ 120.

Apple is selling the refurbished iPhone XR for the first time in the US at a price that’s about 16% lower than the new one. In addition to 64GB and 128GB memory, the refurbished iPhone XR also has 256GB of memory but is only in black. Initially, when launched in 2018, Apple’s cheap iPhone model had all three memory versions, but in September 2019, the 256GB version was discontinued and also discounted.

On the Apple website, the refurbished iPhone XR comes with 64GB, 128GB and 256GB storage for $ 499, $ 539 and $ 629 respectively. New prices are 599 USD, 649 USD and 749 USD. All are not network locked.

Apple said the refurbished iPhone goes through rigorous inspection, inspection and hygiene processes. It is packed in a new white box with accessories and instructions for use. Apple also installed a new battery, replaced the outer shell, so it is difficult to distinguish between completely refurbished and completely new iPhones.

Every refurbished iPhone comes with a 1-year Apple warranty from the date of receipt, and can be extended upon purchase of AppleCare + for $ 149 or $ 7.99 / month.

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