Huawei is about to launch a special smartphone, completely removing the physical keys

The company’s recent patent reveals a special smartphone with a camera hidden under the screen and completely uses the virtual buttons on the side instead of the physical keys like most phones today.

Specifically, this patent of Huawei Technologies was filed with China National Intellectual Property Regulatory Authority (CNIPA) last year, just announced earlier this June.

This patent is also stored in the database of WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office) with 2 smartphone models with not much difference in design.

The first patented device has a full-screen body on the front, with extremely thin bezels on all sides.

There is no pop-up or hole punch selfie camera mechanism. That means the manufacturer will feature camera technology hidden under the screen.

One of the interesting design details is on the sides with a display. These two secondary screens are home to virtual buttons such as volume, power and possibly other function buttons.

The difference between the two smartphones is also at this point. Model A has an extra screen that only flows down to the two sides, and in model B, this extra screen extends to the back.

However, until now there has been no information about Huawei developing a device like this patent.

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