Samsung is about to launch a smartphone with a removable battery?

It seems that Samsung will bring back the removable battery design, but only limited to low-cost smartphones.
One of the most regretful things users have in the development of technology is the use of a smartphone that can easily remove the battery.

Being able to easily remove the battery of a phone and replace it with a new battery offers a lot of benefits for users, especially for those who use high-intensity smartphones and a battery for them. enough. But now, this benefit has been exchanged for users to have a slim and lightweight design on smartphones.

However, it seems that Samsung will be one of the manufacturers that will soon bring back the removable battery design, at least on the low-cost lineup.

According to some recently released reports, Samsung is considering integrating easily removable batteries on the back for low-cost products. As we can see in the image above, this battery is identified with the code name SM-A013F, which is said to be the battery of the Galaxy A01e that is about to be released in the near future. This battery has a capacity of 3000mAh.

Samsung is one of the last manufacturers to maintain a removable battery design, while others have shifted to monolithic designs with batteries sticking to the inside of the device. Of course, with this “obsolete” design coming back, Samsung will be limited to low-cost smartphones, because its high-end smartphones will be forced to keep the compact design, and design. Removable batteries are impossible, especially on high-end products.

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