Summary of Surface Go 2 review: a great device, but the performance is not impressive

Last week, Microsoft announced a new pair of products, Surface Book 3 and Surface Go 2.

Both new laptop models are equipped with an upgraded configuration compared to the previous generation, thereby giving higher performance. While we still haven’t had the chance to get hands on these two exciting Surface devices, many media outlets have begun posting their first impressions of Surface Book 3 and Surface Go 2 – most of which are Contact mixed up. Specifically, here, we will see what technology news sites say about the Surface Go 2.


They say the laptop has improved a lot over the previous generation but is still lagging behind the competition and doesn’t deserve the $ 400 price.

“The Surface Go 2 brings a few slight enhancements over the first generation: a bigger screen, a faster CPU. But the $ 400 model is not much different, and the configuration models are significantly more upgraded with the same. accessories will quickly drive up prices.

For Surface Go 2, Microsoft has improved the performance a bit with Intel Core m3 CPU option, equipping a slightly larger screen (10.5-inch) without causing the body to expand, the same series connections, including LTE. But overall, Go 2 is not much different from the previous generation. “


TechCrunch called the Surface Go 2 a hodgepodge of products with some improvements but also some shortcomings, mainly about the processor and keyboard not included.

“With a design and a low starting price of just $ 399, the new Go is still the best option if used as an extra device to take away, despite having a larger screen and more powerful configuration. Of course, There’s nothing wrong with that. The only thing to note before you spend is that we can’t recommend using this product as a main device for most people.

In addition, you should also know what you will get if you buy the 399 USD version. The first is no keyboard. And the keyboard is a must have. After all, the portability is a big reason to buy a Surface. Along with the complete Windows 10 experience, you’ll want to do tasks that require a keyboard. And the keyboard will make you lose more from 99 – 129 USD.

The Guardian

The Guardian also liked the Go 2’s design, camera, and speakers, and pointed to weaknesses such as battery life and unattended keyboards.

“The Surface Go 2 shows two things. The first is that low-cost PCs don’t mean bad – a low-cost, low-performance processor still works if you use it with good components but not. other premium.

The second is that Microsoft can make really great PCs even at a low price.

As a tablet for the purpose of consuming multimedia content, Surface Go can be said to be OK, but not the best. It has good battery life when watching videos, great speakers, and a great base. But the lack of apps has made it difficult compared to the iPad.

As a working machine, the Surface Go is really good. It won’t win any performance awards, but it will help you get things done with a little patience, and the experience will be great. It’s much better than non-Windows tablets when it comes to performance, with a desktop browser and a keyboard and trackpad in the true sense.

In short, the Surface Go 2 is not designed to break records, but is for those who want a great touch experience on a budget device, or want an inexpensive accessory device to Use when going out.

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