Xiaomi launches an OLED TV with a transparent screen

To commemorate its 10th anniversary, Xiaomi has launched a series of notable new products. In addition to the recently introduced high-end Mi 10 Ultra smartphone, the Chinese tech firm has just continued to launch the world’s first transparent OLED TV with a screen.

The product called Mi TV LUX OLED has a transparent screen because Xiaomi places all the electronic components on the round base at the bottom, instead of behind the screen. But what’s special is that Xiaomi used transparent OLED technology (TOLED) to create a see-through OLED screen.

TOLED screens use transparent components, with transparent cathodes making the screen visible. Other OLED displays currently use a reflective layer of cathode, which makes the screen impossible to become transparent, even with the component on the back removed. This makes Mi TV LUX OLED look like a transparent glass when not in use.

In terms of parameters, Mi TV LUX OLED has 55-inch screen, 120Hz refresh rate to increase smoothness of image movement, 1ms response time, 150,000: 1 contrast.
Xiaomi says the product is integrated with MediaTek 9650 processor with AI Master Smart Engine technology to help optimize display image quality. The product is also equipped with AI Master’s audio optimization feature that automatically detects the content being displayed on the screen to optimize and select the appropriate sound mode, such as when the user is listening to music. , watching movies or watching sports

The product will be first sold in China on August 16, with a price of 49,999 yuan(7,223$)

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